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Rare Finds, Unbeatable Prices

Enjoy Up to 50% Off on Exotic Coffees!



Global Sustainability

Our focus on sustainability extends from the farm straight to your facility.


High Quality Coffee Beans

As the top-ranked coffee graders in the Middle East, we know quality when we see it.


Supplying with The Highest Efficiency

Due to the sensitivity of the products, we use the best standards of storage and transportation, to maintain the freshness of the coffee. We help customers with logistics, warehousing and more...

Looking for Specialty green coffee beans in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East (MENA)?
Origins Coffee provides Coffee Shops and Roasting houses with green coffee, state-of-the-art roasters, and expert training.

Whether you're a coffee shop looking to up your game or a roasting house looking for the best beans, we've got you covered.
Contact us today to learn more!

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Benefit from a global network of sustainable coffee

At Origins Coffee we believe great coffee starts at the source and we go above and beyond to maintain our international networks with trusted coffee growers.


We work directly with the best coffee farms that use the best technologies to process coffee to harvest the best crops to maintain the international quality of the coffee sources.

The benefit is passed on to you through our world-class, sustainably grown green coffee beans.

Production is just a part of many parts of the supply chain - once the beans are shipped we maintain their shelf life by storing them in our air-conditioned warehouses with the latest climate control technology for storage, in addition to the world-class green coffee beans, we provide our customers with the latest equipment for roasting high quality coffee. We also provide them with specialized training and assistance in quality control.

Give your customers the coffee they deserve...

at Origins Coffee, we take coffee seriously.

Our firm commitment to high quality coffee is evident in every bean...


State-of-the-Art Roasters

A premium coffee roaster is more than just a machine – the best quality coffee can only come from top-of-the-line equipment.


At Origins, we can help your business find the right solution for your needs.


Through exclusive partnerships with leading global manufacturers, we provide the MENA region with access to industry-leading roasters available.


From traditional drum based gas powered roasters to smart electric roasters.


Dutch Master Roasters

Dutch Master Roasters is a manufacturer of precision coffee roasting machines. Designed and built to last, with precise controls for exact roasting and a unique 'Green' option.


With Dutch Master it is all about you, the machines are easy to use in busy roastery environments.


Genio Roasters

Genio Roasters is a coffee roaster manufacturer that enables businesses to roast coffee beans consistently and with superior quality.


Providing customers with high-performance equipment and after-sales service that helps them thrive in the coffee industry.

Stronghold Roasters.png

Stronghold Roasters

Stronghold is on a mission to make world-class roasting efficiency accessible to roasting houses and cafes of all sizes.  


By providing innovative, intuitive technology that automates the entire roasting process - from set up to cooling. Our goal is to help our customers roast better coffee, more efficiently.


We're committed to providing our customers with high-quality coffee, so we work hard every day in order to make sure that all of your needs are met.

From sampling the beans right down until they reach you on the delivery truck or doorstep there's nothing more important than maintaining an exceptional product from start to finish!









Take your coffee game to the next level with

Origins Coffee

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The Origins Advantage

As world-class coffee specialists, we provide customers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with end-to-end support that stretches from the farm of origin to the coffee in your cup. Our services include

  • Wholesale Speciality Green Coffee Beans

  • Coffee Roasters Sales and Support

  • Supply Chain Support

  • Green Coffee Storage

  • Coffee Grading

  • MENA Regional Insights

  • Expert-Level Training


And so much more. From small cafes and specialty coffee shops to wholesale roasters and franchise chains – if you sell coffee in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, we’d love to help you grow!

Coffee Drip

Glypgh Supply Co, Singapore

It gives people an option to have really freshly roasted beans which takes a really short time to replicate while they have a coffee. We also save half the labour for the roaster and the person can do something else which makes it really efficient

Mark Michaelson, 2017 U.S. Roasting Champion

The Stronghold S7 allows precise control over all aspects of what makes a particular coffee truly special. I believe Stronghold’s technology offers the ability to be more consistent, which is what separates great roasters from the ordinary


Ready to experience the Origins Advantage firsthand?

To help our customers find the perfect coffee, we can send free samples from our coffee offer list. Download your copy below.

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Can’t visit our coffee lab in person?

No problem – simply download our detailed, up-to-date list of all the sustainably specialty green coffee beans we have available to ship right now.

Want samples? We can send those too.

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