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Genio Roasters
Roast better coffee with Genio

Genio Roasters are designed to help you roast coffee beans like a pro, time and time again.


No guesswork or trial and error – just perfectly roasted beans every time, thanks to our superior equipment and after-sales service.

Genio 3 Micro Roaster

The Genio 3 micro roaster is the perfect addition to your coffee roasting arsenal.


This compact and mobile roaster is ideal for beginner or sample roasting and is easy to install and operate.


With its high performance and easy operation, the Genio 3 is a great choice for those looking for a quality coffee roaster.

The Genio 3 is also a great backup roaster or for roasting smaller batches of coffee.


So whether you're just getting started in coffee roasting or are looking for a quality machine to add to your collection, the Genio 3 is the perfect choice.

GENIO 3.png

Your customer experience starts here.

Every Genio coffee roaster machine is backed by a 3-year Global Warranty and lifetime technical support – value that counts!

GENIO 6.png

Genio 6 Shop Roaster

If you're serious about getting into the coffee roasting business, the Genio 6 Shop Roaster is the perfect machine for you.


With a 6 kg capacity, it's ideal for start-up and medium-sized roasteries. The Genio 6 comes standard with the Smart Control System, which makes it easy to roast consistently great coffee. And with an external chaff cyclone, you can roast larger volumes of coffee without any problems.


So if you're looking for a high-quality, professional coffee roaster, the Genio 6 is the perfect choice.

Take your brand to the next level with our new customizing options for Genio Coffee Roasters.

GENIO 15.png

Genio 15 Commercial Roaster

The Genio 15 commercial roaster is the perfect machine for roasteries that need to increase their production capacity.


With a roasting capacity of 60 kg per hour, this high-performance machine will help you keep up with your growing business.


Thanks to its various levels of control and excellent stability, the Genio 15 produces perfectly consistent batches of coffee.


Whether you're looking to expand your business or just keep up with rising demand, the Genio 15 is the perfect solution.


With its ability to switch from full manual to various levels of automation, it's perfect for any level of experience.


Whether you're a beginner who wants to try your hand at roasting or a seasoned pro looking for a machine that can handle all the work, the Genio 15 is the perfect choice.

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  • Achieve a high level of consistency with every roast

  • Roast any type of coffee bean to perfection

  • Easy to operate - even for beginners

Genio 30 Industrial Roaster

We've got the perfect solution for you if your business needs to roast coffee beans on an industrial scale.


Our Genio 30 is a full-scale, automated coffee roasting plant that can produce multiple batches in less time thanks to its weighing system, vacuum loading/unloading, destoning, and blending systems!

The Genio 30 coffee roaster is your one-stop shop for all of the most advanced features and benefits you could ask for.


With the ultrafast thermal response and complete flame size control with easy chaff management via its rotary valve; this machine will have any roaster excited to work their magic on top quality roasts!

In addition to full green and roasted bean conveyance options, tailor-made automation systems that are extreme in performance as well ultra low maintenance this machine will keep up with you through thick or thin!

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