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DMR Roaster

Stronghold Roasters

Stronghold Smart Coffee Roasters are currently roasting delicious coffee in nearly 700 locations in 15 different countries. (As of April, 2017)


Our Challenge, Your Change

Stronghold Patented Technology

Vertical Tower Drum and Triple Heat System

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  • Triple Heat System - Independent control over three heat sources for precise heat transfer control: convection, radiation and conduction.

  • Insulated Vertical Tower Drum - 5-layered drum structure to maximize thermal stability during roast.

  • Bean Agitation - Bean agitation speed controlled for better command over energy distribution

  • Ceramic Coating - Internal surface protected from coffee residue over time.

  • 10.1" Touch Screen - User-friendly interface to monitor and control the roast profile.


4 Temperature

100% Electric


Touch Screen
Interface (10.1")


Triple Heat

Quick Cooling

Safety Features

  • Emergency discharge

  • Automatic Shutdown

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Mark Michaelson, 2017 U.S. Roasting Champion

The Stronghold S7 allows precise control over all aspects of what makes a particular coffee truly special. I believe Stronghold’s technology offers the ability to be more consistent, which is what separates great roasters from the ordinary

Glyph Supply Co, Singapore

It gives an option to have really freshly roasted beans which takes a really short time to replicate while they have a coffee. We also save half the labour for the roaster and the person can do something else which makes it really efficient

Smarter Than Ever

Bigger on Capacity

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s9x logo-01.png


  • Accurate temperature sensing and fast consecutive roasting.

  • Fast cooling speed returns the roasted coffee to room temperature within 90 seconds after it drops.

  • Unmatched productivity within its class.


  • Save your labors costs with automated replication roasting; anyone can reproduce the same exact taste batch after batch.

  • Unparalleled auto replication roasting quality by using 7 temperature sensors.

  • Save your coffee cost by replicating roast profiles time and time again with precision.


  • Protect the environment by using 100% electric roaster.

  • With the absence of gas combustion, there are no emissions and it's safer to install/operate.


100% Electric

Triple Heat



Air Flow

7 Temperature
(incl. X-Lens)

Chaff Disposal

Safety Features

  • Emergency discharge

  • Automatic Shutdown

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Morten Munchow, Founder of Coffee Mind

The Stronghold X-Series is the most advanced equipment I have seen from an experimentation point of view and being able to play with even infrared, conduction and convection independently have made it possible for the roast master to isolate these factors for the first time ever.

So this being available for the community on their production roasters already (if they have a Stronghold X-Series) is seriously next level of technology

Arseniy Kuznetsov, World Roasting Champion 2019

What I find the most important attributes in coffee taste is sweetness and balance, this approach helped me to win the World Roasting Championship. In my opinion, variations in conductive heat would help to achieve it, and Stronghold X-Series made that possible for me.

I like to work precisely to adjust and make the ideal roasting profile. Once I am Happy with it, I can just share that profile and allow others to use autoreplication and achieve the same result I am absolutely sure in

Stronghold  (8).jpg

Trusted by

Audin Coffee, Gorilla Gear, Coffee Mind, Cafe Imports, Oxnyx Coffee Lab, Gravitas by Arseniy Kuznetsov etc..

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Dutch Master Roasters

Made in Holland. Innovative spirit and unmatched quality is in our DNA.

No one would blame you for staring at the Dutch Master Roaster DMR 15-A. But if you truly want to get the taste of the ulimate roasting experience, we suggest you stop staring and start roasting. You’ll quickly understand why she’s the best roaster in the world


At Dutch Master Roasters,
it is all about you




Technical specifications of “Master Roaster”

  • Uses the ambient clean air pre heated by the roast to fuel the next roast. Cutting gas use.

  • Automatically switches off all motors and fans when not used.

  • Built in quick cooling system: so no loss of roasting time between roasts.

  • In an 8 hour working day you can roast for 7,5 hours.

  • Construction and isolation of the machine is done in a way that only parts that need heat, get heat.

  • Cooling tray can be delivered with a weighing unit so every batch (from green to roasted)
    can be automatically recorded onto the interface tablet.

  • Built in safety stop minimalising the risk of getting hurt.

  • Features missing on other machines are standard with the DMR 15-A.

  • Simple, intelligent tablet control, easy maintenance access, easy cleaning, good lighting.

  • Plug and play, easy to install with adjustable floor levelers.

  • Our bigger roasters have a built in afterburner, used for cleaning the roaster air but also to heat the machine, 1 burner 2 functions.

  • Saving the environment, gas and your money.


Dutch Master Roaster

All the Roaster you need
Our Dutch Master Roasters are available in 5 sizes:
1kg, 5kg, 15kg, 35kg and 70kg

Precision quality build
Built in our own high performance facility in the Netherlands.

World-wide service
24/7 Personal service via telephone or personal visit

Custom tailored
Have it your way! We can custom build your Master Roaster to exactly how you want it.


Small footprint
Less gas and electricity consumption due to intelligent control

Efficient roasting profile
You can program your own preferences or use our unique ‘Green’ option

Easy to use
Intelligent software makes the DMR 15-A easy to use. Fingertip control on tablet. Also with manual override


Next generation coffee roaster. It’s what you asked for
It’s what you asked for

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