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Dive into a tropical paradise with West Arsi, a specialty green coffee hailing from the bountiful West Arsi region of Ethiopia. This coffee is a proud representative of the Heirloom variety, cherished for its distinctive taste and quality. Processed naturally,


West Arsi unfolds a captivating array of flavors. The taste journey begins with a zesty Lemon note, reminiscent of a refreshing burst of citrus sunshine. This is soon complemented by the exotic sweetness of Pineapple, adding a delightful twist to your coffee adventure. As you delve deeper, the rich flavors of Red Fruits emerge, harmoniously balanced by a lingering Caramel sweetness. It's a taste experience that keeps you coming back for more.


For coffee shops and roasters seeking to offer a uniquely flavorful experience, West Arsi is a perfect choice. It encapsulates the vibrant, fruit-centric profile that Ethiopian specialty coffees are renowned for.

West Arsi

SKU: SGC00448
1 Kilogram
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    Lemon, Pineapple, Red Fruits, Caramel
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