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Embark on a sensory journey to Yemen's Haraz region with our Mnba Alayoun offering. This naturally processed coffee, with its Typica Bourbon variety, is a tribute to Yemen's distinct and historic coffee culture.
From the first sip, Mnba Alayoun coffee invites you into an enchanting flavor narrative. The rich, comforting notes of Chocolate open the experience, immediately drawing you in. This is soon followed by the sweet depth of Raisin, adding a layer of complexity to the taste profile. The story continues with the unique character of Dry Fig, introducing a rare and intriguing flavor dimension. The finale is a hint of Maple Syrup, providing a sweet, inviting finish that lingers on the palate.
For coffee shops and roasteries, Mnba Alayoun coffee is an exciting addition to your offerings. Its complex and exotic flavor profile will not only fascinate coffee lovers but also provide an engaging tale about the coffee's origins and Yemen's rich coffee-growing history.

Mnba Alayoun

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  • Coffee Score

  • Coffee Variety

    Typica | Bourbon

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  • Process

  • Coffee Notes

    Chocolate, Raisin, Dry Fig, Maple Syrup
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