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Experience the rich heritage of Yemeni coffee with Masar, a specialty green coffee from the esteemed Haraz region of Yemen. This diverse lot brings together Typica and Bourbon varieties, both renowned for their distinct flavor profiles and historical importance.


Masar is processed naturally, a technique that accentuates the coffee's intrinsic flavors and adds a layer of depth. Your taste journey begins with the robust, sweet notes of Black Raisin and Plum. The flavor then deepens, revealing the earthy essence of Fig and the indulgent hint of Dark Chocolate. This sensory adventure concludes with a comforting note of Brown Sugar.


Masar is a memorable choice for coffee shops and roasters looking to fascinate their customers with a specialty green coffee that provides an authentic taste of Yemen's coffee culture.


SKU: SCG00399
1 Kilogram
Excluding VAT
  • Coffee Score

  • Coffee Variety

    Typica | Bourbon

  • Origin

  • Process

  • Coffee Notes

    Black Raisin, Plumb, Fig, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar
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