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Explore the sensory richness of Limu, a specialty green coffee lot from the celebrated coffee landscapes of Ethiopia. This distinctive lot, cultivated from heirloom coffee plants and processed naturally, delivers an alluring flavor profile.


The journey begins with a vibrant Fruity aroma that promises an intriguing tasting experience. This is followed by a subtle hint of Spice, adding a layer of complexity to the lot. As your taste buds explore further, the Buttery notes emerge, lending a velvety smoothness to the coffee. The journey through flavors continues with a touch of Sweetness, harmoniously balanced by the indulgent taste of Chocolate.


Limu isn't merely a coffee lot, it's an invitation to experience the rich coffee heritage of Ethiopia. It provides coffee shops and roasteries with a chance to offer their customers an engaging, sensory journey.


SKU: SGC00642
1 Kilogram
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    Fruity, Spice, Buttery, Sweet, Chocolate
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