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Discover the captivating world of taste with La Miel, a specialty green coffee hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Colombia.


This lot spotlights the Bourbon variety, treasured for its rich taste and distinguished lineage. La Miel is processed using the honey method, which enhances the coffee's inherent sweetness and complexity. This sensory journey is a delightful one, revealing the luscious notes of Jam and Fig, perfectly balanced by the comforting touch of Brown Sugar.


As you immerse yourself further into the tasting experience, the rich undertones of Honey come forward, concluding with a delicate Floral hint. La Miel is an excellent choice for coffee shops and roasters aiming to captivate their customers with a specialty green coffee that embodies the unique taste profile of Colombian coffee.

La Miel

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1 Kilogram
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    Jam, Fig, Brown Sugar, Honey, Floral
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