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Discover the unique flavors of Yemen with our Khoulani coffee, cultivated in the dynamic Haraz region. This extraordinary coffee highlights the iconic Typica Bourbon variety, a celebrated staple in the coffee world.


Our Khoulani offering is naturally processed, allowing the coffee beans to imbibe the pure sweetness from the fruit. The outcome is a flavor spectrum that's both compelling and enchanting, encapsulating the true essence of Yemen's coffee tradition. Your taste adventure begins with a delightful hint of Peach, setting a refreshing tone for the vibrant flavors to follow.


This is closely trailed by the nutty undertones of Roasted Almond, adding a layer of complexity to the fruity opening. As the journey unfolds, you'll experience the soothing sweetness of Fig, perfectly balanced with the rich, velvety notes of Caramel. The grand finale is a decadent whisper of Chocolate, leaving a memorable impression that's both indulgent and satisfying.


Our Khoulani coffee is a homage to the diverse and rich coffee legacy of Yemen. With its intricate blend of fruity, nutty, and chocolate notes, it promises an immersive taste experience that will teleport your customers to the thriving landscapes of the Haraz region.


SKU: SGC00635
1 Kilogram
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  • Coffee Score

  • Coffee Variety

    Typica | Bourbon

  • Origin

  • Process

  • Coffee Notes

    Peach, Roasted Almond, Fig, Caramel, Chocolate
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