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Welcome to Huila, the heart of Colombia's coffee country. Here, our specialty green coffee comes to life, showcasing the distinguished Cattura variety, a crowd-pleaser among coffee lovers worldwide.


Our Huila coffee undergoes a washed processing method, unmasking a palette of flavors that is as varied as it is captivating. Your first sip introduces you to the rich, dark allure of Chocolate, echoing the comforting warmth of a finely crafted cocoa delight.


This bold introduction is gently softened by a layer of Caramel sweetness, rendering a creamy sensation that dances smoothly on your palate. As this sweet symphony unfolds, a note of Sugar Cane makes its appearance, reflecting the natural sweetness intrinsic to Colombia's coffee-rich landscapes. Just when you think the experience is complete, a hint of Citrus enlivens the mix, offering a bright, zesty twist that perfectly balances the sweet beginnings.


This citrusy conclusion leaves a refreshing, memorable aftertaste. Huila is an excellent selection for those looking to introduce their patrons to the vibrancy of Colombian coffee profiles.


This harmonious blend of sweet and citrusy elements makes our specialty green coffee a prime example of Colombia's coffee excellence.


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1 Kilogram
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    Chocolate, Caramel, Sugar Cane, Citrus
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