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Discover the exceptional quality of our Gaitania Lot, a specialty green coffee sourced meticulously from the vibrant landscapes of Colombia. This lot represents the distinguished Typica variety, with beans enhanced by a precise washing process.



The Gaitania Lot offers a captivating flavor profile. It begins with the lively notes of Passion Fruit and Tropical Fruits, transitions into a refreshing hint of Apple and Pear, and concludes with a comforting whisper of Chocolate.


This complex flavor journey delivers a unique coffee experience.

The Gaitania Lot stands as an excellent choice for coffee shops and roasteries seeking to diversify their offerings with responsibly sourced, specialty green coffee.


SKU: SGC00639
1 Kilogram
Excluding VAT
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  • Coffee Notes

    Passion Fruit, Tropical Fruits, Apple, Pear, Chocolate

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