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Discover the exceptional taste journey of Finca, a specialty green coffee cultivated in the lush landscapes of Panama. This coffee celebrates the Gesha variety, originally imported from Ethiopia, which has found a thriving home in Panama's rich volcanic soil.


Nurtured in this nutrient-dense earth, the Gesha variety has blossomed, developing a unique flavor profile that has captivated coffee enthusiasts around the globe. The Anaerobic processing technique is a key player in the making of Finca.


This meticulous method enhances the inherent flavors of the beans, offering a tasting experience that mirrors the unique terroir of Panama. Your taste experience begins with invigorating notes of Peach, providing a vibrant introduction.


This is followed by the unexpected tartness of Grapefruit, lending a delightful complexity to the coffee's profile. But the flavor journey doesn't stop there. The finale features the sweet, rich notes of Caramel, creating a harmonious balance and leaving a lasting impression on your palate.


Finca is more than just a coffee—it's a sensory exploration of Panama's rich coffee culture and the successful adaptation of the Gesha variety. This specialty green coffee invites you to immerse yourself in Panama's coffee heritage, one sip at a time.


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    Peach, Grapefruit, Caramel
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