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Discover the heart of Colombia's coffee scene with our Citric offering from the Pitalito, Huila region. This naturally processed coffee beautifully captures the essence of Colombia's rich coffee-growing tradition.


Citric coffee offers an intriguing flavor journey that starts with a refreshing burst of Citrus Honey. This initial note sets the stage for a tantalizing Grapefruit tone, adding a delightful tangy twist. The journey continues with subtle Floral undertones, introducing a layer of complexity and delicacy to the palate. Completing the flavor symphony are the sweet Peach notes and a zesty hint of Lemon, leaving a lasting, refreshing impression.


For coffee shops and roasteries, Citric coffee presents an extraordinary opportunity to enrich your offerings. Its vibrant and complex flavor profile will not only impress the coffee connoisseurs but also serve as a fascinating narrative about the coffee's origins and the renowned coffee-growing culture of the Pitalito, Huila region.


SKU: SGC00514
1 Kilogram
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    Citrus Honey, Grapefruit, Floral, Peach, Lemon
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