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Embark on a flavor adventure with our Chelechelie Yirgacheffe, a specialty green coffee hailing from Ethiopia's renowned Yirgacheffe region. This lot is from the beloved Heirloom variety, celebrated for its diverse taste notes and deep-rooted history.


Chelechelie Yirgacheffe is processed naturally, a technique that enhances the coffee's inherent flavors and adds a layer of intricate character. The flavor journey is a captivating one, beginning with the bright notes of Orange and Grapefruit, balanced by subtle Floral hints, and concluding with a comforting touch of Sweet Cacao.


Chelechelie Yirgacheffe is an outstanding selection for coffee shops and roasters aiming to captivate their customers with a specialty green coffee that embodies the unique taste of Ethiopian coffee.

Chelechelie | Yirgacheffe

SKU: SGC00654
1 Kilogram
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    Orange, Grapefruit, Floral, Sweet Cacao
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