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Introducing Bensa Sidamo, a specialty green coffee from the vibrant Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This lot features the respected Heirloom variety, known for its diverse flavor palette and historical prestige.


Processed naturally, a method that unearths the full spectrum of the coffee's flavors, Bensa Sidamo offers a delightful tasting experience. It starts with the rich, fruity notes of Plum, gradually unveiling the subtle essence of Dry Fig, and concludes with a satisfying hint of Chocolate.


Bensa Sidamo is a remarkable choice for coffee shops and roasters seeking to offer their customers a specialty green coffee that truly encapsulates the rich, diverse flavors of Ethiopian coffee.

Bensa | Sidamo

SKU: SGC00647
1 Kilogram
Excluding VAT
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    Plum, Dry Fig, Chocolate
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