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Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Ethiopia's Yirgacheffe region with our Anaerobic Yirgacheffe, a specialty green coffee of extraordinary quality. This lot features the prized Heirloom variety, respected for its diverse flavor potential and historical heritage.


Processed using anaerobic fermentation, a method that intensifies the coffee's inherent flavors, Anaerobic Yirgacheffe delivers an unforgettable taste experience. It begins with the vibrant notes of Citrus and intricate Floral accents, moves into the lush sweetness of Strawberry, and concludes with a delightful Caramel finish.


Anaerobic Yirgacheffe is an exceptional choice for coffee shops and roasters aiming to provide their customers with a specialty green coffee that truly captures the essence of Ethiopia's coffee tradition.

Anaerobic Yirgacheffe

SKU: SGC00553
1 Kilogram
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    Citrus, Floral, Sweet, Strawberry
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