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Upgrade Your DMR Roaster
Enjoy Up to 30% Off on Our Destoner & Loader Upgrade Deal!

Offer Ends When Supplies Run Out!

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At Dutch Master Roasters
it is all about you


Dutch Master Roasters

Smart & Sustainable

  • Uses the ambient clean air pre heated by the roast to fuel the next roast. Cutting gas use.

  • Automatically switches off all motors and fans when not used.

  • Built in quick cooling system: so no loss of roasting time between roasts.

  • In an 8 hour working day you can roast for 7,5 hours.

  • Construction and isolation of the machine is done in a way that only parts that need heat, get heat.

  • Cooling tray can be delivered with a weighing unit so every batch (from green to roasted)
    can be automatically recorded onto the interface tablet.

  • Built in safety stop minimalising the risk of getting hurt.

  • Features missing on other machines are standard with the DMR 15-A.

  • Simple, intelligent tablet control, easy maintenance access, easy cleaning, good lighting.

  • Plug and play, easy to install with adjustable floor levelers.

  • Our bigger roasters have a built in afterburner, used for cleaning the roaster air but also to heat the machine, 1 burner 2 functions.

  • Saving the environment, gas and your money.


Dutch Master Roaster

All the Roaster you need
Our Dutch Master Roasters are available in 5 sizes:
1kg, 5kg, 15kg, 35kg and 70kg

Precision quality build
Built in our own high performance facility in the Netherlands.

World-wide service
24/7 Personal service via telephone or personal visit

Custom tailored
Have it your way! We can custom build your Master Roaster to exactly how you want it.


Small footprint
Less gas and electricity consumption due to intelligent control

Efficient roasting profile
You can program your own preferences or use our unique ‘Green’ option

Easy to use
Intelligent software makes the DMR 15-A easy to use. Fingertip control on tablet. Also with manual override

Discover DMR's Green Bean Loader

DMR's intuitive interface offers you total control, so you can create the perfect ‘signature roast’ each and every time. Remote monitoring keeps the machine software up to date and performing at its best.

DMR Loader.png

A perfect roast starts with accurately weighing out the required amount of coffee beans. So we incorporated this into our green bean loader.You can weigh and load your coffee into the roaster in one simple operation.

Discover DMR's Destoner

After coffee beans have been roasted, there’s always a chance that there are tiny stones in amongst them.
By using our destoner, the stones will be automatically removed from the roasted coffee beans.You can weigh and load your coffee into the roaster in one simple operation.


Dutch Master Roasters
The most precise and durable coffee roasting machine

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