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Discover the coffee treasure of Ethiopia's Guji region with our Uraga offering. This naturally processed, heirloom coffee is a testament to the distinctive coffee heritage of Guji, a region renowned for producing some of Ethiopia's most sought-after coffees.


Experience a captivating flavor journey with Uraga coffee. The initial taste reveals a delightful hint of Papaya, immediately whisking the senses to tropical landscapes. This is swiftly followed by a burst of Berries, adding complexity and depth to the flavor profile. Notes of crisp Apple then emerge, offering a refreshing twist, while a touch of Caramel provides a sweet, satisfying finish.


For coffee shops and roasteries, Uraga coffee is an excellent way to enrich your offerings. Its unique, multifaceted flavor profile will not only enthrall coffee aficionados but also provide an engaging narrative about the coffee's origins and the rich coffee-growing tradition of the Guji region. Adding Uraga coffee to your menu is more than just extending your range of brews. It's about sharing the exciting narrative of Ethiopian coffee culture, and offering your customers a chance to experience this in every cup. Invite your patrons on a flavorful adventure with Uraga coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia - a coffee experience that's both delicious and deeply rooted in tradition.

Uraga | Guji

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    Papaya, Berries, Apple, Caramel
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