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Hambella Guji is not just a green coffee—it’s a sensory journey that starts in Ethiopia's fertile Guji region. This exceptional lot exhibits the best of the unique Heirloom variety, a true treasure in coffee cultivation.


As you explore Hambella Guji, you'll find that the natural processing method used showcases the inherent sweetness and complex fruitiness of the beans. It's like uncovering a basket of fresh, ripe fruits. Imagine taking a bite into juicy Blueberries and Strawberries, followed by a crisp Red Apple, all wrapped in a luxurious Caramel finish. For coffee shops and roasters who aim to provide their customers a rich and delightful coffee experience,


Hambella Guji is a captivating choice. It’s a chance to offer the exquisite, fruit-forward flavors that Ethiopian coffees are celebrated for.

Hambella | Guji

وحدة SKU: SGC00653
1 كجم
مستثناة ضريبة
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    Blueberry, Strawberry, Red Apple, Caramel
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