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Venture into the heart of Brazil with Fazaenda's coffee lot, a product of South Minas. This coffee is a result of super natural processing and offers a symphony of flavors that echo the richness of Brazilian coffee culture. Your journey begins with the comforting aroma of Chocolate.


As you take the first sip, the taste of Caramel gently unfolds, a sweet whisper that entices your palate. Next, the robust flavor of Nuts joins the ensemble, adding depth and complexity to the blend. The finale is a hint of Brown Sugar, which perfectly rounds off the experience with a satisfying sweetness.


But Fazaenda's coffee lot is more than just a drink. It's a reflection of Brazil's coffee heritage, specifically the South Minas variety. For coffee shops and roasteries, it's an opportunity to offer their customers an authentic Brazilian sensory experience.


وحدة SKU: SGC00519
1 كجم
مستثناة ضريبة
  • Coffee Score

  • Coffee Variety

    South Minas

  • Origin

  • Process

    Super Natural
  • Coffee Notes

    Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts, Brown Sugar
  • Available Bags

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