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Chelbiesa Sidamo is more than just a specialty green coffee; it's a celebration of Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage. Nestled in the scenic Sidamo region, this exceptional lot showcases the nuanced flavors of the revered Heirloom variety.


The beauty of Chelbiesa Sidamo lies in its natural processing, which brings forth an enchanting flavor profile. The journey begins with a succulent Peach note, akin to biting into a fresh, sun-ripened fruit on a warm summer day. This sweet start is quickly followed by a rich wave of Chocolate, filling each sip with a comforting depth and indulgence. And just when you think the show is over, a touch of Caramel sweeps in, leaving a delightful sweetness dancing on your palate.


Chelbiesa Sidamo is a gourmet's delight, perfect for coffee shops and roasters who wish to offer their customers a taste of Ethiopia's finest flavors. It's a specialty coffee that stands testament to the luscious, layered profiles Ethiopian coffees are celebrated for.

Chelbiesa | Sidamo

وحدة SKU: SGC00651
1 كجم
مستثناة ضريبة
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    Peach, Chocolate, Caramel
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